Smart Salesforce Backup and Archiving

Smart Backup allows automated archiving of all Salesforce data that is required only for reference or statutory purposes, allowing optimization space on Salesforce, and taking advantage of unlimited storage provided by AWS. It provides sassy ‘one-click’ access to all archived data from a tab within Salesforce, with the same set of permissions as that are configured within Salesforce. Access all of the archives even if Salesforce is unavailable.

Key Features

  • Automated Backups are configurable data archiving policy, including data to be archived up and frequency of archiving
  • Option to the archive with or without attachments like images, documents, PDD’s, emails
  • Retention of permissions while retrieval of archived data at the same granularity as that in Salesforce
  • Customize alerting rules to receive alerts about changes to your environment.
  • Unlimited Storage: No limits, no exceptions.
  • Access all archived data even if Salesforce is unavailable


  • Archiving of all Salesforce data on a secure AWS cloud, in Singapore or other regions depending on the requirement.
  • Data viewable in the same format as in Salesforce.
  • Easy ‘one-click’ access to all archived data. View from a tab within Salesforce.
  • Single sign-on access for all users without the need to log in anywhere else.
  • Enforce the same set of permissions as are available in Salesforce.
  • Access Salesforce data even without Salesforce.

Smart Salesforce Backup and Archiving Demonstration