Beanz Loyalty Management

The BEANZ Loyalty and Content App is a ready-to-use app on Salesforce’s Customer Communities platform. The app is available on Salesforce Appexchange.It is Innovative, flexible, yet still scalable and secure. The application provides lots of out-of-the-box features, based on experience in Loyalty Management, while optional feature allows extension of features to cover image recognition of the receipts, bring in AI capabilities, 

Companies can set up their websites or link to their existing websites within days, with advance customization functionalities. It provides standard templates, Galvantrix can customize the application based on your requirements.

Key Features

  • Look and feel is completely customizable to seamlessly integrate with the company website.
  • All standard functions of a loyalty program-easy signup/sign in, earning and redeeming points, tiers, catalogues, packages, products and services set up etc.
  • Integration with POS systems and e-Commerce systems, along with payment gateway integration.
  • Optional Image Recognition for Receipts with
    • Automated with AI to recognize purchase receipts based on product
    • Check for duplicate receipts based on location, receipt number etc
    • Analyze photos to understand the transaction context, social groups
    • Interpret context and store against earning transaction for analysis and reporting


  • Member and Customer 360-degree view with the Salesforce CRM.
  • Flexible membership tiers and auto rules for flexible upgrade and downgrade of tiers.
  • Multiple Redemption Options, based on points, vouchers, frequency or rewards
  • Integrate different channels and elevate rewards experience across different touchpoints

Beanz Loyalty Management Demonstration