Sales Incentives Management

Provide Incentives and Compensate Salespersons in a whole new way. Use Salesforce to manage all Sales Performance Planning. Key forecasts and sales targets, quotas and rules can be defined from within Salesforce tabs. Approval based changes in any incentive plans. Leveraging existing Salesforce design to ensure that the system can include the hierarchies, territories and product/ services structures set up in Salesforce.

Key Features

  • Enable the organization to manage the entire Sales Performance Management processes
  • Flexible Modelling for Sales Forecasts, Quotas & Plans
  • Configure Compensation Plans & Commission rules in Salesforce according to your company’s objectives
  • Use custom monthly, quarterly and annual quotas-based models for various
    sales types, services & achievement levels
  • A 360-degree view of employees and sales cycles, including receivables
  • Enterprise and Personal Dashboards for Compensations, Targets and achievements
  • Optionally Sync between HR/ERP & Salesforce for master data of employees, plans, territories and compensation plans.


  • Highly Customizable Commissions Application
  • Highly Flexible Commissions & Quota Management features.
  • Configurable quotas and Compensation Plans for individuals & teams
  • Ad-hoc compensation
  • Segregation of duties by controlling master data creation and maintenance
  • Scalability in the future for more use cases with consistent master and transaction data across the value chain

Sales Incentives Management Demonstration